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SI No Publisher Subject areas E-Content
1. IEEE Computer Engineering + Computer Science + Electrical and Electronics Engineering + Telecommunications and related disciplines
IEEE- All Society Periodicals ePackage (ASPP) (145 e- Journals) ( 2011) (Backfile Access - since 2000)
2. Springer Wiley- Blackwell
Electrical and Electronics and Computer Science Engineering
(134 e-Journals) ( 2011 ) (Backfile Access - since 1997)
Computer Sc+ Data System+ Telecommunication and related Discipline
3. ASME Mechanical Engineering ASME e-Journals Package (25 e-Journals) ( 2011 ) (Backfile Access - since 2000)
Springer Wiley - Blackwell Mechanical Engineering (46 e-Journals) ( 2011 ) (Back file Access - since 1997)
Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics Engineering 14 Journals (back file access since- 2000)
4. ASCE Civil Engineering ASCE ejournals Package (33 e-Journals) (2011) (Backfile Access - since 1983)
Wiley-Blackwell Civil Engineering 18 Journals (back file access since- 2000)
5. McGraw Hill General Engineering and Reference Access Engineering Library
6. j-GATE J-GATE engineering and Technology (JET) 4700 Indexed, free full text 1700
7. ELSEVIER Engineering + Computer Science (Electrical + Electronics + Mechanical + Civil and Structural + Aerospece + Biomedical + Industrial and Manufacturing + Ocean Engineering + Computational
Mechanics and Safety Risk, Reliability and Quality + Computer Network and Communications, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Computational Theory and Mathematics, Computer Graphics and
Computer - Aided Design, Information Systems, Control and System Engineering and Software
SCIENCEDIRECT 275 Journals (Back File Access from 2000 onwards)
8 ASTM DIGITAL LIBRARY (DL) ONLINE VERSION Online dictionary of Engineering Science and Technology
Electrical and Electronics, Engineering Mechanical, Engineering, Civil, Metallurgical, Petroleum, Instrumentation


SI No Publisher Subject areas E-Content
1. J-Gate Management sciences
6700 indexed, free full text 2000
2. A Gale Cengage Learning
Business and company resource centre + Gale business insight global
(134 e-Journals) ( 2011 ) (Backfile Access since 1997)
B RMIT Emerald Informit business collection
100 journals + 30 books
C Emerald Management first database 120 journals + 1000 case studies + 360 interviews+ 250000 mgt interview+675 conscience article
3. EBSCO Management Business Source Elite e-journal Collection (1802 e-Journals and magazines)(2011)
4. ProQuest Management 3714 titles


SI No Publisher Subject areas E-Content
1. EBSCO Hotel Management
Hospitality and Tourism Complete (761 e-Journals, Magazines and Trade Publications)(2011)

2. Gale Cengage Learning
Hotel Management 400+250 journals Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure collection + Culinary Arts collections

Our Vision

To educate and shape disciplined engineers and to encourage inter disciplinary knowledge and understanding among the students, leading to inventions and achievements.

Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve academic excellence. To develop dynamic, socially conscious technical leaders with professional ethics and human values to serve our Mother Land and the world meritoriously. To train and impart necessary soft skills and communication skills with positive attitude to make our students readily employable.

Courses Offered

Civil Engineering - 180

Electronics and Communication Engg - 240

Computer Science and Engineering - 120

Electrical and Electronics Engineering - 60

PG Courses

Computer Science and Engineering (M.E.) - 24

Communication System (M.E.) - 24

Our Chairman

A committed industrialist, has now dedicated himself to the cause of Technical Education. His cherished goal is to bring up his brain...

Nanjil M Vincent,B.A.B.L Ex.M.P.